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Crosser vs Supreme Court

Here’s What People Who Used To Be Transgender Are Telling The Supreme Court In an unusual amicus brief, a group of people who used to be transgender say that not only should gender identity not be a protected class, but that it’s an imaginary construct of traumatized minds. The Supreme Court will hear a pivotal case in October on sex,…

Break Free – Mercy’s Story

When Mercy, who had been married for eight years, met her, she began to get lost in a same-sex relationship. Because she couldn’t break free from this feeling, and so she began to use alcohol to numb her heart. And when she began to face the emotional dependency that was caused by the neglect of family and past relationship, she…

Dare to Change Conference – Q and A

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Now I am free | Laurie’s story

Laurie Jean Wilson, who grew up physically weak, was deprived of love from her family as a child. She had a void in her heart. At sixteen years old, Laurie found out that her sexual orientation was different from other people and that she only had desires for women. She struggled to get out of the LGBT lifestyle. Finally, through…




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