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November 11, 2018 came the first ever Global Rainbow Crosser Day celebration in Taipei, Taiwan.  International rainbow crossers from 15 different countries came to Taiwan to share their life stories, to testify that “Homosexuality is not born. Change is possible.” Their genuine testimonies bring a great sense of hope for change to people who are struggling with unwanted same sex attraction and homosexual life style.

Global Rainbow Crosser Alliance (GRCA) will hold its first Global Rainbow Crosser Human Right Summit on Oct. 25th & 26th, 2019. This is the first worldwide revolutionary social movement of its kind. It will significantly enhance Taiwan’s global position as a pioneer among Asian countries in defending all human rights and global values of freedom!  Attention! There will be a celebration party held at Taipei Expo Park, Expo Hall from 2pm to 6pm on Oct. 27th Sunday afternoon. Everyone of all ages is welcome to attend and enjoy this exciting party for free. There will be various food and snack cars, booths, music, dances and amazing performances. Come to have fun with many international rainbow crossers and listen to their life-changing journey, changing from caterpillars into beautiful butterflies!

At the same time, world known FIDH is holding its 40th anniversary congress from Oct. 21st to 25th in Taipei, Taiwan. Estimated 400 hundred participants including human right fighters, international experts, local governments and foreign guests from more than 100 countries will attend this congress. One of their primary meeting agenda is how to deal with various challenges with regard to global human rights with right principals and strategies.

The first Global Rainbow Crosser Human Right Summit held by Global Rainbow Crosser Alliance (GRCA) had gained tremendous attention and acknowledge from the US and many other countries worldwide.  Two highly respected California Senators, Mike Morrell and John M.W. Moorlach, have specially issued a formal request letter to FIDH headquarters in Paris and its UN branch office at New York, urging them to accept and admit GRCA’s attendance into FIGH’s 40 anniversary congress in Taiwan.

FIDH has long been respected for its values and efforts in defending “All Human Rights.”  GRCA’s values in protecting and promoting “Global Rainbow Crossing Right“ is perfectly aligned with FIDH’s values and agenda. Senators said if FIDH excludes GRCA from attending its congress in Taiwan would be a betrayal of the acceptance of all views and deemed hypocritical.

GRCA had sent by FedEx a formal letter to FIDH headquarters to add “protecting Rainbow Crossing Human Right” onto their meeting agenda during Oct. 21st to 25th Congress in Taiwan. Several rainbow crossers from different countries will go attend the meeting. 

GRCA wish to urge and encourage all people and local communities in Taiwan whoever value and support “Significant Minority” will support this Rainbow Crossing Human Right movement. We wish to show the whole world that Taiwan is indeed a country whose people genuinely care and fight for all human rights and freedom!

If passed, this HR5 – Equality Act will cause a whole-scale and fundamental prosecution to the freedom of religion, belief, and speech.  It will be whole-scale because it’s a federal bill with legal enforcement power across all United States.  Not like California AB2943 resolution, whose legal effectiveness apples to California only.  (This resolution was withdrawn at the last moment due to continuous great efforts of several California rainbow crossing human right fighters including Jim Domen, Elizabeth Woning and Ken Williams. They all are coming to attend GRCA’s 2019 Rainbow Crossing Human Right Summit in Taipei.)

The bill prohibits the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 from providing a claim, defense, or basis for challenging such protections.

It is fundamental because the bill prohibits the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 from providing a claim, defense, or basis for challenging such protections.

  • Equality Act purposely includes LGBTQ+ sexual tendency and gender identities into the protection class of Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Fair Housing Act of 1968.
  • It empowers the Federal government to prosecute with civil and criminal legal punishments onto American citizens who have different values about sexual and gender identity than those of LGBTQ+ groups. These people include medical professionals, parents, women and girls, enterprises, charity institutions, etc. Their rights of freedom in religion, belief and speech will be violated.
  • Religious institutions will be forced to hire people who are not willing to follow the institutions’ belief, values and behavior guidelines.
  • Churches or various organizations will be sued for discrimination if they do not provide medical insurance to cover for sex-changing medical procedures.
  • All institutions are not allowed to dedicate and define any single sexual public areas, including rules for restrooms, bathrooms, locker-rooms.
  • Medical treatment choice will be politicalized, and parents won’t be allowed to find and obtain non-drug treatment options to help their children with gender confusion. Professional psychologists and therapeutic counselors will be forced to agree with the theory supporting same sex marriage and transgender identity. Even psychology based talking therapy for gender confusion treatment will be labeled as “discrimination” and legally punished.

If HR5 bill is passed in the US, it will be copied and applied by nations in the whole world and results in disastrous impact. Gathering the voices of global rainbow crossers and promote their rainbow crossing human right is an effective defending strategy.

Below is news article on the NEWSWEEK magazine about American rainbow crossing human right fighter, Jim Domen, suing VIMEO for taking off his rainbow crossing testimony videos as a discrimination towards rainbow crossers’ human right.

Below is a news report by NEW YORK TIMES saying that New York City Council is ending a ban on Gay conversion therapy. This is a huge victory for the Rainbow Crossing Human Right movement!

Below is another news report by CHRISTIAN POST about a group of rainbow crossers millennials boldly preach freedom from LGBT lifestyles at Orlando march 3 years after pulse mass shooing at a Orlando gay bar. These young rainbow crossers publicly share how they gained freedom from homosexual lifestyle though Jesus.

Taiwan is the first and most important human right base for Asia. If Taiwan is protected, Asia will be protected.  Taiwan’s gay movement is the most advanced, well resourceful and highly influential one among Asian countries. Even Hong Kong and Korea will follow and copy Taiwan’s gay movement activities.  Rainbow Crossers’ genuine life testimonies and lawfully demand for their rainbow crossing human right will be able to neutralize the gay movement’s social and political influential power. 

Rainbow crossers’ personal stories testify that “Homosexual is not born. Change is possible!”  Their stories should be included into our public elementary and high school system as an important part of “Diverse Sex Education” teaching curriculums.

We should teach the children in Taiwan and the whole world that, “Don’t be scared, there’s a way, a choice for you to come home!” There are more and more “Dare to Cross the Rainbow, Dare to Change” rainbow crossers worldwide to accompany you on the way home!

Global Rainbow Crosser Alliance (GRCA) is a California, USA based Non-Profit Organization. GRCA is committed to fight and promote the voices and human rights of the growing significant minority — Rainbow Crossers globally.

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